Audiovisual in Ultra-HD

Audiovisual is at the heart of what we do. So, we spare no efforts in delivering world-class AV solutions that help you view the world better and offers a world of possibilities to your business.

Audio and Video Conferencing

Remote work and telecommuting are fast becoming a trend that a lot of companies are keying into. But, fostering teamwork, driving engagement and encouraging accountability between geographically separated team members in a variety of roles is an increasing challenge that employers need to address.

Your business, like most organizations, may need to travel to meet business partners, attend board meetings and client meetings.
Video conferencing systems are integrated into your office network to enable real-time collaboration, delivering face to face communication without necessarily leaving your workspace, allowing you to save travel costs. Tune in from anywhere!

Digital Signage

Keep your clients and employees engaged by displaying entertaining contents from your decoder or more targeted contents - like your company’s logo, values, vision and mission statements, food and drinks menu - on screens, strategically positioned in high traffic locations in your space.

The information sent to these screens can be controlled and distributed from a central location. We achieve this through interactive displays, creative content and professional installation.
Digital signages are a great way of communicating up-to-date information to both clients and employees.

Audio Distribution

Music has become an integral part of workplaces as it creates a relaxed working environment.

Bearing in mind that different people have different tastes in music, we provide a solution that allows you to stream and enjoy high- resolution music throughout the office or home, or different music to different zones to appeal to everyone’s taste, at the same time!

Anyone can play music from their favourite playlist or any streaming services of their choice - such as Spotif y, Pandora, Deezer, Rhapsody, TuneIn, or Apple Music – from their smartphone, a touchpad or Tv, without the need for extra gear.

Our multi-room audio solution allows you to stream music, manage the volume, select songs and start or stop the music seamlessly!

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