The Modern Workplace

Workplaces have changed and continue to change, dramatically. 21st-Century workplaces have incorporated open offices, board rooms, auditoriums, lounges, collaborative spaces and meeting rooms.

Because the modern workplace is fast-paced, flexible and dispersed, we integrate fluid systems that are on par with the constant evolution of technology and meets the ever changing needs of these modern workplaces in the areas of seamless communication, collaboration, presentation and security.

Smart Smoke and Fire Detectors

Smoke and fire detectors are a necessary part of your office space as they provide peace of mind and can help save you a lot in an emergency or help to avert it.

Unlike the traditional smoke and fire detectors with high pitched beeps, the modern smart fire alarmshave voice alerts and smartphone notifications. If you have multiple of these devices set up in different locations in your office and one of them detects smoke, it will alert you to the specific location by saying things like, "there is smoke in the Open office." It will also send the same message to your smartphone in case you're away.

Limit Interruptions with Schedulers

Meetings are an integral part of workplaces. But, having people barge into these meeting rooms when they are in use is distracting and unprofessional.

Room schedulers are mini interactive screens - that sit on the walls just outside of your meeting room door - that lets you book a room, ahead of time from any of your smart devices or create a new booking from the scheduler on the spot based on availability, proximity, seating capacity, and technology capabilities.

Acoustic Treatment

Keep the reverberations out of your conference rooms! We all have at some point sat in a conference room that had coarse sound and unpleasant reverberations that made us wonder if the organisers prepared for the performance.

Well, that is evidence of a poorly done acoustic treatment or the total absence of it. Bearing in mind that acoustics can make or mar the intended sound of your performance, we take great care in choosing the right materials and putting the right acoustical elements in place to create that perfectly smooth sound that is evenly distributed across space.

Visitor Management Systems

Guests are an intrinsic part of the day to day activities of private and commercial establishments and we can help you keep track of the people that visit your premises.

Access Control

Controlling access into commercial spaces is as important as the work done in these spaces. But, it can be daunting without the right technology.

Access controls are flexible, safe and functional. They come in varying designs and options - biometrics, key cards, key code or a combination of all functions. Whatever your need or preference, we got you covered.

Security and Surveillance Systems

Video surveillance systems will add next-level security to your company's efforts to deter crimes by employees or break-ins. It will also increase the security of your employees and customers, as it gathers and stores evidence if a crime does occur.

Our multi-room audio solution allows you to stream music, manage the volume, select songs and start or stop the music seamlessly!

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