Experience Home
like never before

The Future of Homes

Creating experiences in homes that make them smarter, entertaining and more secure.

Our world is changing. We are evolving, so are our homes. We have gone from building for comfort to living in art. We have gone beyond just living rooms, bedrooms, washrooms, and kitchens to video rooms, home cinemas, home offices, gyms, media rooms and a whole lot more! Interestingly, these spaces continue to evolve to accommodate our dynamic needs and lifestyle.

Spectacular Home Cinemas

Forget queuing up for movie tickets, rushing to get the best seat in the cinema to muddy audio and noisy ringtones from cell phones of other people.

Engaging Lighting

Smart Lighting Control to suit your preferred mood

Well thought through lighting designs makes stunning interiors even more rich and pronounced. Our lighting control system ensures that you can create the right light for any activity or set the right light for any activity or set the right mood in different areas of your home. Rather than having multiple switches lined up on a wall (creating clutters), we replace this with engraved keypads with screens to meet the different lighting requirements using recallable pre-set light levels

Beautiful Shades

Adjust your shades just like your lights from a wall keypad, handheld remote, mobile devices or as a part of the entire home automation system.

Our motorized shades, blinds and curtain systems comes in variety of options to transform any room into a spectacular space. With several fabric choices, we ensure that your window treatment system meets your aesthetic and functional uses. We can also create a schedule that adjust them automatically based on your individual needs.

Day blinds with more transparency openness factor to maintain that your stunning outdoor can still be seen. Blackout fabrics to ensure perfect privacy in bedrooms and no ambient light when watching movies.

Simplified Whole Home Ultra-HD Video

Browse your movie library and video streaming services like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Fire from any TV, touch screen or mobile device—anywhere in the house

Distribute video throughout the house so that you can enjoy beautiful, 4K high-definition content in every room without adding clunky gear and wiring behind each TV. With multiroom video, everyone can enjoy the same movie or watch what they want, wherever they want.

Ultimate Bedrooms

You don't have to live that luxury life only when you go to the best hotels in the world. Why don't you bring the luxury to your own bedrooms? With proper planning coordination we can achieve this!
We strongly believe that technology should be experienced and not seen. Hence, our goal is to take away all the clumsy clutters of cables, set top boxes etc. out of your rooms.

Safety begins
at home

Your family is definitely the most important
thing to you and we know you want to keep
them safe at all times. Bad things however still
happens. Our goal is to guarantee the safety of
the ones you love with a “zero” tolerance for
breaching the home.

From door locks that emails you when its left opened, to security cameras you can access from anywhere in the world. Your smart home is always a safe home. Sensors in strategic locations in the house monitors and controls access in certain areas. Our fully integrated security system means your family's wellbeing has never been more secure.

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